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As I advocate for trauma recovery, I meet other survivors struggling to take back their life, to take back what has always belonged to them.  But that road is a journey which requires long-term support and guidance.  There is no intensive 6-week program that undoes the effects of a traumatic childhood.

Through my work as a writer, advocate, speaker and guide, I am helping survivors of childhood trauma move past the trauma and find new ways to uncover who they were meant to be, as individuals and as parents.  I am also helping organizations by educating their staff and stakeholders about the holistic impact of trauma.  I want the world to understand that trauma runs deep within an individual.  And the significant number of global trauma survivors generates a considerable impact that permeates every aspect of every society.

I work to bring awareness to individuals, societies and the world about the impact of trauma and how it is running our individual and societal lives. Through this awareness, we can facilitate significant change in the world for the better.  As we break through the fear that drives our decisions, child abuse and other forms of violence will decrease.  Selfishness will morph into more purposeful living.  And we can return to a life we were meant to live.  We can return to love.

Elisabeth Corey