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Survivors Guide For Life is exactly what it says it is.

It’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate a world which looks very different from the environment you grew up in. When we’ve experienced childhood trauma, our ‘normal’ is very different from others. And it can be scary trying to find your way in a world you don’t understand.

Survivors Guide For Life will help you explore the deepest parts of yourself so you can uncover the hidden messages  keeping you from the health, happiness, freedom and peace you crave.

When you join, you will automatically gain access to more than 40 lessons of material which will guide you through a deep self-exploration. The lessons include previously recorded live streams, blogs, worksheets and charts meant to help you question traumatic beliefs and get to know who you really are.

You can explore topics about emotion, grounding, self-worth, inner obstacles, love addiction and financial success. You can get to know your own inner parts better with detailed explanations and worksheets for each inner part type. With an annual subscription of only $95, you can take your time and explore what feels right for you at your own pace.

*All pricing in US Dollars (subscription can be cancelled at any time)

I highly recommend Survivor’s Guide for Life to those who have lived through trauma. Survivor’s Guide helps those trying to move through trauma by teaching journaling which is critical for releasing traumatic feelings and memories. For years, therapists and helpers would tell me to journal. I’d say yes, but when I would think about doing it, I would shut down because I lived in a state of dissociation and never knew where to start.

The Survivor’s Guide videos and worksheets were so insightful. They helped me go deeper into my trauma. I would start answering the questions and even deeper issues would come up for journaling. I remember one time, I had a physical movement in my hip because anger towards my caregiver came up for release. I would have never found the hidden depths of my pain without the prompts in the worksheets. I also felt better after I did them. It felt like I had freed up space in my brain.

On the Survivor’s Guide for Life resource website, there are 40 different topics to work through. They don’t have to be done in order. You choose the topics that are applicable to your own healing journey. They are very straightforward and easy to understand whether you are new to your healing journey or been journeying for a long time and feel stuck, like I was. It can all be done at your own pace so there is no pressure to finish by a certain time. I recommend you give it a try.